CNC horizontal axis round table surface grinder

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C S K M series
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Detail Specifications

  CNC horizontal axis round table surface grinder adopts stable and compact overall structure, high precision, reliable performance, good manufacturing technology and easy operation. This is a new type of green environmental protection machine with fully enclosed shell. It is suitable for grinding ring parts, precision machining of valve blade, saw blade, hob blade, friction plate, milling cutter and other tools.

《Control System》
●   Computerized file management: part programs have readable names, and CNC memory can be easily organized by using the folder structure,just like a computer.

●   Intelligent Manual (jog) function: fully support tool and workpiece detection and cutting cycle with graphics.

●   Tool management: provide intuitive tool management with clear structure.

●   Chinese character input is supported. The operator can input Chinese directly on the operation panel. Chinese definition, part program, folder name and annotation CNC part program can be used.

●   The universal ISO programming language is provided, so that the CNC system operators who are used to other forms of ISO programming can quickly adapt to the control system.

●   The simple calibration test auxiliary function provides comprehensive graphical input instructions for calibration test parameters, which can greatly shorten the time required between calibration tests.

●   Ladder diagram viewer: built in PLC ladder diagram viewer can not only provide assistance in PLC programming, but also carry out mechanical troubleshooting for machine components.

《Grinding head hydrostatic structure》

●   Hydrostatic grinding head, instead of the traditional bearing structure, improves the service life and accuracy of the spindle.

●   Independent oil tank, easy to change oil, avoid oil and water mixing.

●   The spindle runout is 0.001mm.

《Precision - high precision and high efficiency》

●   Grinding wheel spindle centering cone runout 0.002mm

●   Worktable processing flatness 0.01/1000mm

●   The end face runout of worktable is 0.002mm.

《Oil mist recovery machine》
●   High efficiency cyclone oil collection
●   Low cost, high durability
●   Unique filter technology to prolong the service life of biological filter screen

《Cooling liquid paper filter》
  Paper belt filters use filter paper to filter impurities in the coolant. There is an automatic paper feed device. When there are too many impurities on the filter paper, the liquid will accumulate. When a certain amount is reached, it will drive the float to touch the micro switch. At this time, the filter will automatically feed the paper and discharge the used paper into the collection bucket.