CNC oil pressure coiler

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CSR series
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CSR type four roll coiler is a sheet metal bending and correcting machine, which is specially used for sheet metal forming and bending. The pre bending and curling of various specifications of cylindrical and arc workpiece can be completed after one feeding. With the aid of auxiliary device, the conical cylinder can be rolled. Also can carry on the rough shaping work to the metal plate. four roller is suitable for the application of CNC program design of the coiler: fast automatic plate alignment: reliable "starting point" as a mechanical reference point, suitable for CNC program design. the hydraulic clamping roller always clamps the plate to ensure the stability, convenience and plate positioning of feeding. single rolling process: it can be completed simply by CNC programming. in the standard configuration of the automatic four roll coiler, the electronic control system is adopted for the lower roll clamping positioning and side roll tilting, which is far higher than the competitors in the same industry. our four roll coiler is widely used in heavy plate (up to 300 mm) coiling and high output projects in the world.

◆ Automatic alignment: the plate is automatically aligned by the back roller immediately.
◆ The upper and lower rollers clamp the plate at the tangent position to obtain the straight edge length.
◆ One time rolling is completed.
◆ Plate feeding.
◆ Auxiliary equipment.

《Four roll coiler new type planetary side roll pendulum》→ The side roll swing technique ensures that the straight side section is short because the bending arm is uniform.

《Four roll coiler new low frame design》→ The rigidity of the frame is improved, and the problem of side roll deflection is eliminated. Because the frictionless swing technology has no wear and tear, the equipment maintains good accuracy.

《Four roll coiler - automatic oiling device》→ Friction free, stable positioning, little maintenance and low operation cost.

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